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To provide seamless DeFi experience, Matrix Technology was designed.
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Matrix technology is a cutting-edge algorithm, which generates liquidity by crypto arbitrage and ensures the most advantageous APR and APY rates.
The algorithm is built through the Oracle technology data management – it analyses the actual platform usage and distributes crypto interest according to it.

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No Fees
TheFarmCoin.com doesn’t profit from your fees – Matrix technology generates profit when trading crypto pairs across exchanges.
Flexible APY and APR
Matrix technology analyzes the platform usage and calculates highest staking rates for the most popular crypto.
Stake Any Crypto
The TheFarmCoin.com network supports staking of non-PoS cryptocurrency.
Matrix technology is decentralized, thus ensuring security and anonymity of your data and assets.
Neos Treasury


TheFarmCoin.com Treasury exists for supporting the ecosystem growth. It comprises staking and crypto arbitrage profits.

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Crypto Moves Fast,
and So Do We

TheFarmCoin.com is always keeping up with the market trends.
Here’s how we’ve got here and what we’re planning to surprise you with:

Q1 2021
TheFarmCoin.com Launch
A concept of an accessible DeFi platform was formulated. A little bit later TheFarmCoin.com Crypto Wallet was launched.
Q2 - Q3 2021
Matrix Technology Introduction
TheFarmCoin.com teamwork on developing a decentralized technology for providing liquidity via crypto arbitrage and analyzing the platform usage. Matrix Technology was introduced.
Q4 2021
TheFarmCoin.com Community Establishment
Followed by a huge success of Matrix technology, more and more people started to participate in the project life. A community of the TheFarmCoin.com enthusiasts was formed.
Q1 - Q2 2022
TheFarmCoin.com Treasury Formation
TheFarmCoin.com had accumulated enough funds to hold its own treasury. Higher staking rates were offered.
Q3 2022
Algorithmic Staking
Introduction of algorithmic staking powered up by Matrix Technology. Thanks to TheFarmCoin.com Algorithmic Trading, users can accumulate their assets with advantagious APY rates.
Q4 2022
AMM Protocol Launch
TheFarmCoin.com will release a native AMM protocol based on Uniswap model, with certain improvements.
Q1 - Q2 2023
TheFarmCoin.com NFTs
TheFarmCoin.com will introduce unique NFT avatars for users available for minting. The avatars can be obtained through progressing on TheFarmCoin.com, participating in the ecosystem and facilitating its growth.
Q1 2023
TheFarmCoin.com Mobile App Launch
The TheFarmCoin.com team’s working on a convenient mobile app on Android and iOS.
Q3 2023
NEOS Token on Exchanges
NEOS token will make it to Uniswap exchange! Uniswap integration will open up plenty of new trading features for TheFarmCoin.com users.
Q4 2023
Zion Metaverse Launch
TheFarmCoin.com will build a digital space where all like minded people can share their ideas and thoughts.
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