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Level up on TheFarmCoin.com to get exclusive benefits.
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Go Beyond Your Limits

When you earn NEOS, stake your crypto or invite followers, you earn XP (Experience Points) and advance in level.

The higher your level is, the more benefits you get.
Here’s how XP is calculated:

+2 XP
For each $1* staked
+5 XP
For each earned NEOS**
+50 XP
For each Each active Level 1 follower***

*Staked NEOS are not applicable.

**100 NEOS welcome gift is not applicable.

***A follower is considered active if they have $100 in their balance for the wallet balance program, or an active deposit for the joint staking program.

…and Reach the Top of the World

Your level means your Privilege – with each level passed, new TheFarmCoin.com perks unlock. The Maximum Level to reach is 100.

Tier I – Hacker

Level 10

Earn 1 000 XP
Night Mode
Free NFT Pass

Level 20

Earn 3 000 XP
Red Pill Pro Access
Special VIP Interface
Support Priority
VIP Tokens

Level 30

Earn 6 000 XP
Exclusive Telegram Channel Access
Discord Badge
Increased NEOS APY

Tier II – Operative

Level 40

Earn 11 000 XP
50% Exchange Discount
Dedicated Support Email
Monthly Market Insights

Level 50

Earn 18 000 XP
+1 Follower Level
Quarterly Partner Dividends
Special Partner Perks

Level 60

Earn 28 000 XP
Exclusive VIP Badge
Personal Account Manager
Top Support Priority

Tier III – Zionite

Level 70

Earn 48 000 XP
+2 Follower Levels
75% Exchange Discount
Quarterly Videocall

Level 80

Earn 88 000 XP
Invitation to Special Company Event
Charity Donations
Priority Lounge Pass

Level 90

Earn 168 000 XP
+3 Follower Levels
100% Exchange Discount
Invitation to TheFarmCoin.com Podcasts

Level 100 – The Oracle

Earn 318 000 XP
CEO Conference Call
Branded iPad + MacBook Pro Set
Exclusive Personal Benefits

NFT Avatar

For each 5th level reached, you get an Avatar upgrade you can mint as NFT.

Don’t be shy – show off your Privileges.

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